JULY 21, 2021: The habits of people with the pandemic begin to change, fortunately not the friendship that binds Michele Cappa and Christian Laccetta, who continue to train and challenge each other in every discipline.The idea is thus born with a challenge between two Friends, which will be a real assault on the future!Christian's proposal, disruptive and crazy, shocking but stimulates and exalts Michele: "Let's try 24 hours of sports?! And maybe all of them different from each other?!"Michele not only accepts but together they refine the model, refine it and make it more and more challenging, so as to exceed their goals together and to test themselves as a TEAM firm and united in one goal, to finish the crazy challenge.

6:00 AUGUST 20, 2021: The preparations were over. It was a warm summer morning, the sunshine, the Gaeta sunrise celebrates the departure of this real challenge between the two to the extreme-beyond! Steelman H24's vision and idea takes off and unfurls its sails. Casting off the moorings, An Idea Becomes Reality.

05:43 AUGUST 21, 2021: Michele and Christian are exhausted and finish the trials they have set for themselves. But these tests they have undergone are not just physical trials; they are real time travel, because that's what it was all about. Traveling through time, opening a window into the future, being pioneers of a competition, experiencing physical exertion and a lot of really indescribable healthy emotions of pure friendship and brotherhood during the sport, and then finishing the tests and going back in time, in the present, to offer this unique extreme sports experience to other athletes.

06:00 17 JUNE 2022: The first official edition of Steelman h24 race starts, with forty athletes competing with a limited number from all over the country.

06:00 18 JUNE 2022: The competition ends with a great success photocopied real of what Michele and Cristian experienced individually and imagined in their minds. On the same day, social media seemed to go crazy, 655 Thousand impressions and more than 90,000 accounts reached on Instagram alone.Today Michele and Cristian want more than ever to create an international circuit by exploring new lands. near and far. to make as many athletes as possible experience the set of emotions that this race is capable of generating.The team is working constantly to create, in addition to interest, a lot of curiosity in an ever-growing audience and to grow a community already present and complicit in this crazy adventure. In 2023, thanks to the support and trust of numerous partners, each of whom believed in such a crazy ambitious project, we were allowed to create and build an event that has the incredible that allowed every participant to be able to say, I AM A STEELMAN.