ITALY, Gaeta Edition 24-25-26 May 2024

+20.000€ in Prize Money

STEELMAN H12/24 RACE™ is the new 2-person Team sports competition that tests all the skills of an Athlete.

The first to combine Endurance and Maximum Strength, in 8 events with 7+ disciplines; creating a unique mode, a HYBRID race in two versions: H12 or H24! Each event is followed by a break where teams can rest, integrate and psychologically prepare for the next event.

Version H24 RACE™ is an epic challenge, a journey of mixed emotions that will take you beyond your limits! Here, the mind and body come together in perfect synergy.

  • 9k RUN
  • 2k SWIM
  • 10k KAYAK
  • Sandbag kg STRENGHT
  • 42k MTB
  • Secret event
  • 42k ROWING

Track 9k Run - SUUNTO

Track 9k Run - GARMIN



Version H12 RACE™ was created to bring people like you closer to the world of steelman, in a more sprinty, but still incredibly exciting mode!

  • 4.5k RUN
  • 1k SWIM
  • 5k KAYAK
  • Sandbag kg STRENGHT
  • 21k MTB
  • Secret event
  • 21k ROWING

And with registration for the competition, each Team will receive the following Race Kit (Example for H24 version):

  • n°1 two-seater kayak (to be used exclusively for the event)
  • 8 packs of Gensan supplements for athletes, studied and selected for each test to pass
  • n°2 GPS transponders
  • n°2 personalized swimming caps
  • 4 customized t-shirts
  • n°2 customized nylon bags
  • 4 liters of water for each team
  • 3 meals for the athlete
  • n°2 blankets for each Team

Track 4,5k Run - SUUNTO

Track 4,5k Run - GARMIN



Official Rules 2024

Con l’iscrizione alla competizione, ogni Team riceverà il seguente kit Gara (Esempio per la versione H24)
H24 \\ M-M

Steelman H24 Race™, category Open Man-Man










An adventure between land and sea on the route of Ulysses

The third edition of the Steelman H24 Race™ circuit will take place in the magnificent Gulf of Gaeta, located on the Mediterranean coast of central Italy, where the format was born. This event is eagerly awaited by professional Athletes and amateurs who will be able to compete on iconic routes already the scene of Odysseus' adventures narrated by Homer in the Odyssey.

The challenge consists of a race that includes 7 different disciplines: swimming, cycling, running, lifting and more in two versions: 24 hours and a 12 hours climbing version. The concept is designed to test: endurance, strength, teamwork, agility and mental focus of the Athletes, but also to offer an unforgettable experience between land and sea, with breathtaking landscapes.

The Gulf of Gaeta is famous for its natural beauty and history, offering Athletes and their supporters the experience to discover this wonderful region and to live an unforgettable adventure; as well as enjoy our village, full of entertainment.

A truly unique journey in sports, with only one goal: WIN!

Atleti che affrontano l'evento 8 HYBRID WOD di Steelman H12/24 Race


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