ARTICLES Steelman H24 Race™

The Steelman H24 Race™ is a unique event in its mode and intensity, an experience not to be missed, with no excuse, for all types of national and international media, generalist and specialized.
Highly "Instagrammable." An opportunity to immerse your media audience in
a factory of emotions: from adrenaline to emotion. A chance to associate your Brand
with a unique and exciting pioneering format is manifold.

"Steelman H24 Race is the new sports competition that pushes the limits and not to get there,
but to surpass them. There is nothing like it in the global extreme racing scene; here we are
in an unknown perimeter; here we are in the extreme-beyond. Forcing the hand of Nietzsche, we can
say without fear of contradiction that Steelman H24 Race, just like his Zarathustra, is
a race for everyone and for no one" - Marco Panella /

Steelman H24 Race is a story of friendship and challenge, a story of young lives that do not back down
back, lives of brave and infectious enthusiasm, lives that put themselves on the line themselves.
Perhaps that is part of the reason it is so appealing.

In this section you can read interviews with athletes who participated in the event and discover their secrets to preparation and victory. In addition, you can read articles written by experts in the field who analyze the race and offer advice for future participants.