A New Concept of Training
We are pleased to present the new official HYBRID program, designed by a team of experts in the multidisciplinary field. Created to give support to professionals and amateurs, who want to tackle the STEELMAN H24 RACE™ signature racing circuit. Our purpose is to help and grow our community, with one goal in common.... To chase one's limits, not to reach them, but to surpass them.

Join the Community

Join the community leading an assault on the future. Steelman H12/24 Race™, will become a circuit with a World Championship. Revolutionizing training into a HYBRID multi-discipline.

The sports Off-Season represents a valuable period for Athletes where they can focus on key aspects such as recovery, physical preparation, technique, performance analysis and mental development.

  • Live Chat Support
  • Training Peaks app
  • 6 sessions x week
  • 1h max x session
  • 1h stretch & yoga session
  • 1 Day recovery
  • Weekly feedback
Supplement Tips

Included in the plan, advice on daily dietary supplementation as it relates to training, thanks to the support of Dr. Edoardo Tacconi and Gensan Integrators, who will include discount codes!

Consigli di alimentazione e integratori alimentari di Gensan Integratori da assumere insieme alla programmazione di allenamento HYBRID.SH24R creata da Steelman H24 Race per allenare professionisti e amatori a questo nuovo format


Absolutely! Off Season is designed to be a side dish even to the normal training you want to maintain, to face summer competitions. The goal of our trainers is to have you increase Strength and Endurance, to increase your athletic ability, while also focusing on mental approach. Inside you will have a 24/7 chat to ask direct questions or to customize the course according to the tools available.

If you purchase one of the 3 Promotion packages before the end of the year 2022, the plans will activate from January 1, 2023

Of course! The plan can only be purchased by one member of the Team, but we recommend that you both purchase it if you are not in the same place, so you can conveniently have the program directly on the App on your smartphone and post your results.

Of course! Just let us know before the end of the current month, by email, chat or direct.