Dr. Raffaele S.
Affiliated Nutritionist

My name is Raffaele Scarabelli and I am a fitness and nutrition nerd. I graduated in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, a faculty that gave me solid scientific foundations but did not answer all my questions about sports and food. So I decided to graduate again in Human Nutrition by enrolling in the Register of Biologists to become a Nutritionist. At the same time, I took on the role of biology and chemistry teacher in high school. As a 360° fitness fanatic since university, for over 10 years I have been a CrossFit coach. I have competed in various disciplines: Soccer, Mountain Running, CrossFit, and Triathlon above all. I believe that study should be the foundation of a professional, but I also consider it equally important that a true professional should "get their hands dirty". That's why everything I advise has been tried on myself and on the people around me; some nuances and advice can only be learned by trying things out. My relentless curiosity led me, among the first in Italy, to explore the hybrid world because my idea of fitness lies in the ability not to rule anything out and not to have to sacrifice cardiovascular capacity for muscular capacity or vice versa. Nutrition and training have always been very important to me, but they must be SUSTAINABLE. As a nutritionist-teacher-athlete and above all dad/partner, every strategy of mine has always been, and will always be, aimed at maximizing compliance from my athletes. As an ordinary person, I have nevertheless completed several challenges, including excellent podiums in CrossFit competitions and a third place in the Steelman H24 Race.

If you are looking for someone who can guide you in the most sustainable way possible to achieve your goals, big or small, then I am definitely the person you have been looking for.

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Affiliated Nutritionist - Dr. Raffaele S.

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LANGUAGE Italian, English
STEELMAN ATHLETE 2022 (3rd Place) - 2023 (6 Place)
Nutritional Strategy for Hybrid Training

This is the first guide in Italy for nutrition in the hybrid training world; a guide created by Dr. Raffaele Scarabelli to help you maximize your athlete performance in this uncharted territory. The word "HYBRID" is now on everyone's lips, and everyone is trying their hand at developing both strength and endurance concurrently. While this is not straightforward in training alone, it becomes even more challenging to apply on the nutritional front. Energy demands vary greatly, and the risk of running out of energy at crucial moments is just around the corner. By working closely with more and more "hybrid athletes," I have been able to develop various strategies ranging from calculating caloric needs to meal timing and supplements that could help maximize your performance.

That's why this guide exists:

My mission is to enable you to get the most out of your workouts because there's no worse frustration than consistently training with precision and dedication but not being able to achieve the desired results. And food is the fuel that makes us perform at our best.

May this guide be of help to you.

Good work, and welcome aboard!


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