Since 2011, I've dedicated myself to CrossFit, starting to teach this discipline in 2012. My sporting background has its roots in martial arts, first as a Karate practitioner, and then as an athletic trainer specializing in combat sports.

My academic background includes a degree in Sports Science and specializations as an athletic trainer and strength and conditioning coach. During the composition of my experimental thesis on 'combat disciplines,' I collaborated as an assistant to Professor Roberto Villani in the Sports Science course, and I was also the president of UIPASC (Italian Union of Athletic Trainers in Combat Sports). The positive outcomes of my research led Prof. Villani to propose presenting my thesis at ECSS (European College of Sport Science), allowing me to showcase my work on an international stage in 2012.

During this time, I pursued a university master's degree in sports nutrition and continued my work as an athletic trainer with a wide range of athletes, including CrossFitters, Fighters, Canoeists, OCR Athletes, Powerlifters, Swimmers, Water Polo Players, Footballers, and others. Along this journey, I collaborated with the Applied Sports Physiology laboratory, contributing to the publication of several scientific articles in the field of athletic preparation and strength training.

Presently, I am an instructor at the Box Elite Fitness Club and continue my role as an athletic trainer with numerous CrossFitters and athletes from various disciplines throughout Italy through my project, HangaZero Project.

Coach - G. Invelito

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HANGARZERO PROJECT X Steelman H12/24 Race™

To be ready for the Steelman Race, it's essential to simultaneously master the 5 domains of Cross Training +1, ultra-endurance. Our programming is designed for athletes keen on developing each of the 5+1 domains of this event, preparing for the first time with a multidisciplinary HYBRID format of ultra-endurance. We offer a training plan structured into 3 levels so that you can choose the one that best suits your abilities:


Programming characterized by a low volume of work, comprising 5 training sessions per week, one of which specifically focuses on aerobic capacity. Each session has a maximum duration of 60 minutes. Suitable for those entering the competitive realm or starting their journey towards STEELMAN.


Programming suitable for those already competing or possessing a good athletic foundation. Characterized by moderate volume (90'-120' maximum per session) and 6 training days per week. Additionally, it includes ergometer paddling or Kayak work for those with access to it. This type of programming is divided into phases: Off-Season - Pre-Season - In-Season.


Programming characterized by a high volume of work (+120'), consisting of 7 weekly sessions with an integrated double session. The focus on aerobic and anaerobic endurance will be much higher compared to the Golden and Silver plans. Additionally, athletes will face SuperHero WODs aimed at increasing ultra-endurance. This type of programming is divided into phases: Off-Season - Pre-Season - In-Season.


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