Born in 1996 in the province of Modena, I grew up with a mother who was an aerobics instructor and a father who was a Thai boxer. At the age of 13, I delved into combat sports, achieving national titles in sanda (Chinese boxing). Needing to strengthen my muscles at that age, being quite lean, I felt self-conscious about going to the gym to lift weights. Instead, I found an alternative in a calisthenics park near my home, spending my days there when not devoted to sanda. The park and an old barbell belonging to my father became my training companions until I became involved in CrossFit, initially using it as a rehabilitation method for a knee injury. Over the years, I attended various courses on programming and athlete management, initially for personal growth to enhance my training within the limited time my primary job allowed. Eventually, I started training a few friends, realizing it could become a genuine opportunity. During the pandemic gym closures, I purchased my first road bike, leading me into my first 70.3 triathlon race. I've never completely abandoned any activity but continually added new ones, the latest being climbing. This has led me to strive for high performance in numerous diverse disciplines simultaneously.

Coach - B. Patrick

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LANGUAGE Italian, English

HYBRID ATHLETE CLUB X Steelman H12/24 Race™

Combining my entire background and experimenting with various training plans and styles, I have developed several workout splits tailored for those who aim to train like athletes and achieve genuine results while balancing their daily lives. The goal is to always be prepared for anything without ever truly considering oneself in an off-season. Whether you can dedicate 6 days or only 2 days per week to training, together we will find the best plan for you.

Hybrid 3 Days/Week

3 months of programming, repeatable, ideal for those new to hybrid programming. You'll have 3 fixed days dedicated to comprehensive training in strength, power, and endurance, allowing you to independently manage the other 2/3 days. Whether you're looking to experiment with this new training approach or simply aiming to enhance performance in your sport, here you'll find everything you need.

One payment, LIFETIME access.

Hybrid Split

An ideal plan for those already familiar with workouts. A program that you can adjust based on your needs and time availability, enabling you to independently create consistently varied and effective routines following the guidance provided with this plan. You'll be able to design training sessions ranging from 3 to 6 days per week.

One payment for LIFETIME access.


Impress all your gym friends with strict muscle-ups or become the local expert in the best handstand push-ups. This plan is designed to help you achieve or improve these two highly coveted gymnastic exercises commonly practiced in mixed sports.

One payment for LIFETIME access.


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